Civiballs Christmas

Civiballs Christmas Edition: At Home is the third installment in the Civiballs series. Just like the first 2 Civiballs games, this test your thinking and sequential skills. As always, you’ll have to use the environment to get the balls in the corresponding colored gift boxes. It’s not vases but gift boxes now, as everything has a Christmas look and feel in this game.

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Graphics and Presentation

The game takes a sharp turn from the previous ones in presentation. There are no ancient civilizations as backdrops, and now everything is presented in a Christmas like theme. The vases have been replaced by gift boxes. You slide on ledges at Christmas trees, use candles and snowballs, and Santa Claus is even in a level. The graphics are still clear and cartoon-like but the theme has changed.


The basic control scheme from the past games has been retained. Again, use the mouse to click on the chains that hold the balls when you want to cut them. Drop the balls in the corresponding colored gift boxes this way. Again use the environment to help you achieve this, and this is where it gets just a little bit more complex.

Gameplay and Objectives

The puzzles in the first and second games got progressively more complex, and it’s no different here. Don’t expect your brain to get a break just because of the cute and engaging visuals. You’re in for a real brain teaser here. The moving platforms all return, only a little more colorful because of the theme. The old tools to help you are still there. The stone balls, the slingshot, and the cannon all also return. But other than the stone balls, the other tools uses have been all but minimized.

In many of the puzzles you’ll be using a lot of the Christmas decorations to get the balls in the boxes. And to get them in, you will truly see the creativity in the level design and the creative thinking you’ll need to solve the puzzles. A few of the notable new Christmas themed objects you’ll see:

candles: used to melt huge snowballs that can clear a path for your colored balls to drop into the boxes.

Snowballs: These are usually blocking the path to the boxes. melt these with the candles.

toy rocket ships: used to bouncecolored balls into the boxes. A lot of these toys from Christmas will appear in the various levels to help you put the balls in the boxes.


Use candles to melt huge snowballs in one level. In another level, use a wooden clock’s ticking hand to swing the balls into the boxes. Two levels are quite memorable. On one level, you’ll need to bounce the stone balls on Santa’s back to get his attention. On another, you’ll be juggling the colored balls on the abominable snowman to get them in the boxes. Yes, the abominable snowman. Full creativity has been used in the level designs. This makes for great level design, but this also means, you’ll have to really think creatively in this installment. The complex puzzles will have you looking twice over at the levels to solve them. It will test your brain and a lot more trial and error will be involved here to solve the puzzles.

Age Appropriateness

Just like the first two games, Civiballs Christmas Edition is appropriate for all ages. Kids will love the colorful visuals of toys and gifts at Christmas. There’s no shocking or violent visuals here. Just a charming puzzle game aimed at making you really think and use your head.























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