Civiballs 5

Civiballs 5 returns the series to it’s roots as an ancient civilization theme based puzzle game. Fans of the ongoing series will feel right at home at the new English Knight and Easter Island themed levels in this installment of the Civiballs series. After 2 very different installments in the Christmas themed Civiballs Christmas Edition at home and Civiballs: Balls in space the series returns to more familiar roots in this installment of the series. The puzzles and themes are a throwback to the old games and there is a sense of familiarity to how the puzzles are made and solved here.

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Graphics and Presentation

Just like the previous incarnations of Civiballs the game is presented with these two civilizations as the backdrops. You’ll be solving puzzles with Camelot and a few of King Arthur’s knights as the background in the English knight based themes. The stages based on Easter Island will have the famous Easter Island statues as the backdrop.

The first 10 stages are set in England. The castle of Camelot is clearly visible on the backgrounds and a few knights will help you solve some puzzles. The statues of Easter Island are also platforms to bounce and roll on in the Easter Island stages.


Use the left click button on the mouse. Click on the chains holding the balls to cut them. Once they are cut you must place them in the corresponding colored vases.

Gameplay and Objectives

To get the balls into the right vases you must use the various tools at your disposal in the environment. Some of them will be familiar to long time Civballs players. Some are new to the series. Here they are:

Cannon: This shoots your balls into the right vases. It automatically fires when a ball is dropped inside. This tool has been used in a lot of the Civiballs games.

Slingshots: Activated by cutting a chain too, this tool will shoot your ball straight upwards.

Stone balls: These are used to bump or nudge the balls into the vases. Just be sure not to shoot them into the vases as this will cause a level fault.

civiballs 5


Rotating platforms: Depending on how and what direction they rotate, these platforms can sink your balls or drop them to the ground. If you drop a colored ball to the ground, you’ll have no choice but to reset the level.

Bows and arrows:  Use these to shoot the bow and have the balls roll on the arrow. The arrow serves as an extra platform.

New: Knight’s helm: In one stage, you’ll have to roll the balls on numerous knights’ helmets to get them into the vases. These helms aren’t straight like the platforms so this will also be a slight test for your wits..

NEW. Knight’s Lance: The lances of jousting knights can also be used as rolling platforms but you’ll have to get the knights to turn in the right direction.

NEW. Easter Island Statues: The statues on Easter Island are also now platforms that you can roll the balls on.

There will usually be one or more of these tools to help you get the balls into the vases in the various levels. These tools are all over the levels but you’ll have to use them in the right way to get the job done. A lot of trial and error and sequential thinking will be needed to complete the levels so get ready to put your thinking caps on.

As in all the previous Civiballs games, all ages are welcome to play this game. No parent will frown at the content of the game. No violence or shocking material. Just stuff to test your wits and get you to solve puzzles.


















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