Civiballs 4

Civiballs 4  the latest installment in the Civiballs series and it is the furthest in design and appearance from all the other Civiballs games. But don’t let the unique look fool you. It still offers the same tough puzzles and gameplay that Civiballs has become known for. It’s just a new look but it’s still Civiballs.

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Graphics and Presentation

The game takes a sharp turn from past Civiballs games. Whereas before the game presented itself in ancient civilization themes, Civiballs 4: Balls in Space is set entirely in space as the title suggests. Fans and longtime players of the previous games will be surprised to see the Civiballs not in some ancient civilization but out in space! The old vases where you should place the balls have now been replaced by craters on the moon or other planets to shoot the balls in. there are even a few aliens and ufos in a few levels! It’s different but also a refreshing new take on the series in terms of direction and presentation.


Controls are as usual simple and straightforward like the previous Civiball games. Use the left click button on the mouse to click on the chains that hold the balls when you want to cut them. The controls are simple but as long time players know by now, getting the balls into the containers aren’t.

Gameplay and Objectives

As in previous Civiballs games you must place the Civiballs into their corresponding colored containers. In the old games it was vases with the corresponding colors. Now it’s craters with the corresponding colors as well. Different containers, but the same premise and gameplay. Simply place the colored balls in their corresponding colored craters.

civiballs 4 level

To do this all you have to do is cut the chains attached to the balls. As always the balls are placed in areas that are far from the containers so you’ll need to think about how to use the environment to drop the balls in the right containers. As always there will be tools to help you achieve your goals. But they’re tools that are completely different from the previous ones. This adds a whole new level of difficulty as players may have to adjust to the new patterns in the puzzles that the new tools and environment bring.

Laser guns: These guns shoot a laser that actually solidifies and becomes an extra platform for the balls to roll on.

UFOs: These flying saucers bump the balls and can get them into the craters with the proper positioning.

Stone balls: An old staple of the series, these stone balls bump the balls and can help guide them into the proper containers. Just be sure not to shoot them inside the containers as well.

Aliens: The grays themselves are a tool in this game. Bump them with the stone balls to distract them. If they are facing at the proper angle, they too are an extra platform for the balls to roll into the right craters.

Robots: In a few levels the balls will be juggled by giant robots. The giants don’t move and are stationary in one spot. But they can juggle the balls into the proper craters.

Use these tools to help you get the balls into their proper craters. Some players may find the puzzles a little difficult, as the new tools and environment make the puzzles a little more complex than previous Civiballs games. But with a little extra thinking and trial and error, the puzzles can be solved. Players of all ages who want to test their brains should try out Civiballs 4: Balls in Space.








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