Civiballs 2

Civiballs 2 is a the follow up to Civiballs. Just like the first Civiballs, Civiballs 2 will have you thinking a lot about how to solve puzzles and give your brain a workout. Just like the first game, you’ll need to think hard and use the environment to your advantage to get those colored balls into the corresponding colored vases

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Graphics and Presentation

Just like the first game, Civiballs has as it’s backdrop 3 ancient civilizations. In this game, you’ll be solving puzzles with the Rome, the Vikings and the Incas as the backgrounds. The sites are truthful to their inspired themes. Roman sculptures dot the Roman levels. The Mayan pyramids are prominent in the Inca stages, and the snow covered landscape is evident in the Viking stages.

As the title suggests, the game has as it’s themes, various civilizations. The first 10 stages are set in Egypt at the period of the Pharoahs, the next set of 10 in ancient Greece, and the last set in ancient China. As you solve puzzles, your backdrop is familiar to these famous civilizations. The pyramids are clearly visible in Egypt, ruins of the ancient Parthenon and Colliseum are prominent in Greece, and the Great Wall of China in China. The graphics are very colorful and clear. In their cartoon-like presentation, many kids will be drawn to play the game on the visuals alone.


The control scheme from the last game has been retained. Again, use the mouse to click on the chains that hold the balls when you want to cut them. Place the balls in the corresponding colored vases this way. It won’t be that simple though. The balls are placed in areas that are not directly above the vases, so getting them inside will take some work.


civiballs 2

Gameplay and Objectives

As in the first game, you will be given various tools to help you get the balls in the vases. 

Cannon: The cannon returns from the first game. It is not activated by cutting a chain. The cannon fires when a ball is placed inside. The trajectory of the shot however sometimes isn’t enough to get the balls inside. Keep this in mind when you use a cannon. Because of this, you’re going to be using other tools to get the balls inside the vases.

Slingshots: Also returning from the first game, the slingshot is activated by cutting a chain. It can only fire upwards but that trajectory can be affected if 2 balls are loaded on it.

Stone balls: Again from the first game. Used mainly to bump your balls into the jars. Just don’t shoot them inside, just the colored balls. In many levels using the stone balls is essential to get the job done.

NEW: Moving Lamps: New to the Civiballs series these moving lamps move in a set path when a ball falls on them. The path is usually upwards, or straight to the left or right. Cut the chain and they will drop the ball inside. They’re useful for dropping balls directly into the vases.

NEW: Rotating platforms: Another new addition, the rotating platforms carry your ball in different directions depending on how they rotate. Keep this in mind as they can carry your ball to the vase or end up dropping your ball to the ground.

The new additions actually make for more complex puzzles. You’ll have to think a bit harder and see how the new tools will help you solve the game’s numerous puzzles. With these new elements, and the core gameplay intact Civiballs 2 is just as entertaining as the first Civiballs. Great to play if you want to give your brain a workout.



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