Civiballs 1

Civiballs is a cool puzzle game that involves a lot of observation and thinking. If you like a game that can test your brain and you like solving puzzles, look no further. This is the game for you. But just what is Civiballs 1 and it’s puzzles all about?

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Graphics and Presentation

As the title suggests, the game has as it’s themes, various civilizations. The first 10 stages are set in Egypt at the period of the Pharoahs, the next set of 10 in ancient Greece, and the last set in ancient China. As you solve puzzles, your backdrop is familiar to these famous civilizations. The pyramids are clearly visible in Egypt, ruins of the ancient Parthenon and Colliseum are prominent in Greece, and the Great Wall of China in China. The graphics are very colorful and clear. In their cartoon-like presentation, many kids will be drawn to play the game on the visuals alone.


Controls are very simple and straightforward as you would expect from a puzzle game. Simply use the mouse to click on the chains that hold the balls when you want to cut them. It’s really that simple. But you would be surprised at the level of thought needed to complete the puzzles successfully.

Gameplay and Objectives

Here is where any game and it’s success and failure lie. How a game plays, and what it expects from you is what will keep you playing it over and over. Civiballs 1 has a lot of this because simple as it is, it’s a very challenging game for all ages.

Simply place the colored balls in their corresponding colored vases. To do this all you have to do is cut the chains holding them aloft. The thing is, they are often placed in very inconvenient areas and placing them in the jars will not be as simple as cutting the chains and dropping them inside. To help you achieve your task, you need to utilize the whole area given to you. Various objects are placed to help you achieve your task. These are usually the following:


Cannon: This can shoot your balls into the vase. A word of caution however: sometimes, it can be weak or even overshoot the mark. The cannon fires when a ball is placed inside.

Slingshots: Similar to the cannon but only fire upwards. These are prevalent in the Egypt stage. They are also activated by cutting a chain.

Stone balls: These balls can bump your colored balls and push them into the jars. Just don’t get them into the jars themselves as it will be a fault, and you’ll have to restart the level.


There is usually a cannon, slingshot, or other stone balls to help you roll the balls into the jars. Occasionally, the environment itself is made like a ramp to help you place the balls. That being said,, it’s not going to be that simple to place the balls in the right jars. The cannons and slingshots will sometimes not fire strong enough so an extra push to put the balls inside will be needed. Here is where the stone balls come in handy. In many levels , the stone balls can push the colored balls into the jars. Keeping all this in mind, to get the job done in Civiballs, you’ll need to just be very observant of what the environment can do for you. It’s exactly like solving a puzzle, where you use analysis, and trial and error.

Overall, this puzzle game is suitable for all ages, and will really give your brain a workout. If you’re up to some time testing your brain and being entertained as well try Civiballs.



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