Civiballs 3

The colored balls make another run and have you solving more puzzles in Civiballs 3. Civiballs 3 is the follow up to Civiballs 1 and 2. Just like the previous Civiballs, Civiballs 3 is a puzzle game that has you solving various puzzles set in different periods of history.


As always cut the chains that hold the balls when you want to drop them. Place the balls in the corresponding colored vases this way. The balls are placed in areas that are not directly above the vases, so again, you’ll need to use the environment to get the balls into the vases. If you do not place the balls on the correct vases it will be a fault and the level will automatically restart. If you drop the balls on the ground and not on the vases you will also have no choice but to restart the level.

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Graphics and Presentation

As always as with the past games, Civiballs 3 has 3 ancient civilizations as it’s backgrounds. In this game, you’ll be solving puzzles set in ancient feudal Japan, ancient Persia, and with the Native American Indians.

As in the previous Civiballs games the stages are divided into 3. The first 10 stages are set in Japan, the next set in Persia, and the last set in North America with the Native American Indians.   Solve puzzles with ancient Japanese houses, and snarling samurais as your background. Buildings that resemble the Taj Mahal in structure and design are abundant in the Persian stages. And you’ll see a lot of teepees and American Indian chiefs in the North American stages.

And as always parents can let their kids play this game to their heart’s content. There is absolutely no violence here and the graphics are cartoon-like and colorful. This game is perfect for stimulating young minds.

civiballs 3 level

Gameplay and Objectives

As in the previous games, you will be given various tools, some themed to the civilizations in the game, to help you get the balls in the vases. 

Cannon: The cannon returns from the first 2 games. As always when a ball is dropped inside the cannon automatically fires. The trajectory of the shot usually isn’t enough to shoot the balls into the vases. balls inside. Keep this in mind when using a cannon. Here’s where the other tools come in.

Slingshots: The slingshot is activated by also cutting a chain. Keep in mind however that the the balls can only be fired straight up in this way.

Stone balls: Use these balls to bump the other balls into the vases. These balls are a consistent tool in the Civiballs series. Do not sink them into the vases as this will be a fault.

NEW: Bows and arrows: New to the Civiballs series these bows and arrows are prevalent mainly in the Indian and Japanese levels. They fire arrows which can be used as extra platforms for the balls to roll on.

NEW: Flying carpets: Exclusive only to the Persian stages, these carpets levitate upwards or forwards. Similar to moving platforms in previous games, these are also useful to get the balls moving.

New: Pistols: Exclusive only to the North American stages, the pistols fire farther and wider in range, than the cannons. Use them to get the colored balls in the corresponding vases when they’re far away.

The new additions make the sequences in the puzzles even more complex. Put your thinking cap on and prepare to get some migraines because these puzzles will not be simple to solve. They are however very rewarding, once solved. The feeling of pulling it off and just figuring out how it all works is just unbeatable in Civiballs 3.


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